June 26, 2010

letting go.

this, i think, is the last time i'll mention B in this site.

i will try to change myself. a person who's not capable of loving and a person who needs not to be loved. papa Lord knows i tried everything, and i mean EVERYTHING just to win you back. but now, i can see a lost case when i see one and this is one of them.

goodbye, B. thank you because you are my first and last love. thank you for the inspiration. thank you for the forever you once showed me. i now realize that there is no forever, there is only ever lasting. thank you for all the heartaches. it made me strong. it made me dissimulate. it made me realize that love really isn't my thing.

pain is something that will haunt me everyday of my life. but now i'm used to it. all i have to do now is heal myself. i once said that the scarcity of you in my life sends shivers down my spine but in reality, it never really happened. all i felt was anger and pain.

i will use anger and pain to let go, to move on. i think i will have a hard time on this one but i'm sure i can do it.

i will not wait for you anymore. we can go on our lives as if we never knew each other. i think it's the best for the both of us.

finally, as promised, i will no longer blog about anything about you as a sign of sacrifice. i'm sure you'll gonna do your sacrifice as well. goodbye.

*caloy is on hiatus. he will only return if he will discover the true meaning of love, sacrifices and blueberry muffins.


imsonotconio said...

hmmmmm i hope everything will be fine

Jepoy said...

ang landi landi! Edi wag tungkol sa love ang isulat mo. Sus!

write about ecosystem mga ganun tipo. Go! LOL

I hope you're okay. iiyak mo tapos inom ng maraming tubig then move on tapos...

SOLTERO said...

kaya mo yan time, you'll forget.

Felipe said...

para sa mga duguang puso, may i suggest a muffin from Bona Coffee? la lang. Hilig ko yun eh. Nagiging happy ako pag kumakain ako nun. Tumataba nga lang. LOL.

odin hood said...

kaya pang ayusin, pilitin… but if this is really what both of you
need, then just be strong.. magiging mahirap at masakit pero hopefully
all the pain would be worth it..

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

take all the time that you need at pag okay ka na, andito lang kami para magbasa ulit. congratulations on this brave, brave step.

Boying Opaw said...

at nag-"emo" ang batang minu-minuto nagpapalit ng relationship status sa facebook. haha. joke.

sabi nga nila, "move on!"

hanggang sa muli mong pagpalit ng relationship status sa facebook...este...hanggang sa muli mong pagsulat dito.


glentot said...

*caloy is on hiatus. he will only return if he will discover the true meaning of love, sacrifices and blueberry muffins.

Hahahaha natawa ko sana nga madiscover mo na yan nang sabay sabay hahaha

thecuriouscat said...


shenanigans said...

ang hirap mag let go noh?!