September 15, 2009

forget the bleeding..

i dont know.

i really should care less.

but what the heck is this?

i am actually doing the same old mistakes.

i always say to myself that i will now leave my old self and my old ways behind.

and yet, here i am, confessing that i did it again.

this is a pain in the ass.

i cant get out of it.

it sucks.

it really does.

if i can just spit it out and leave it, i`ll do it quickly.

but it takes longer than i presumed.

i now feel like i will be like this forever.

forever waiting.

forever assuming.

is this the life that i've been working out for years?

will this be the outcome of all my efforts and hard work?

i`m tired of searching for someone who will recognize my worth

as an individual

and as a human.

i always say that i dont need help

that i`m strong.

i`m tough.

and i dont need anybody.

but damn!

i really need someone to ease the pain.

even just for a minute.

so i can forget the bleeding.

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