September 23, 2009

chances are..[1.2]

i have done it.
all i have to do now is wait.
or is it too early to decide?
i will not make any noise.
of course,
there will be this unlimited consequences waiting for me.
but i have to do these things.
so i will have this inner peace crap.
maybe i will get hurt again.
and again.
and again.
but i have to try.
i have to play the last strand of hope.
and hoping that the result will be in favor of me.
if it`s not,
i will force myself to be deaf. again.
chances are..
you don`t understand.
every bit of it.
i thought we have the same wavelength.
i thought you knew me.
you are slowing down.
you don`t have any idea about all the sh*ts i`m trying to say.
i thought everything`s working out well.
it`s always the other way around.
i am really stuck here forever.
this is my choice.
but you have your options.

chances are?

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