September 23, 2009

chances are..

i will not ask you to love me again.
we might end up killing each other.
all i want is to wake up each day, knowing that there is still a chance for us to be together again.
but true.
you are one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to live my life normally.
but you are also the main reason why i always find time to smile.
to be happy.
i don`t know what is running inside your head.
i don`t want you to choose.
i want you to say the things you are hiding.
so i will not get confused.
i used to say to myself that it is very easy for me to forget you.
yet here i am, eating everything i had just said.
chances are..
are what?
are there any possibilities?
or i am just holding into nothing?
when will you come back?
will you come back?
i should not ever let you go.
i will be stuck here forever.
i can`t get you out of my head.
even for a split second.
i really can`t.
so i really want to know..

chances are?

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