August 26, 2009

a deaf and a blind, dancing their way to eternity..

tonight will be the beginning of our last dance.

we are slowly swaying through the beats of silence.

and as we reach our ending,

tears of strife are falling down my face..


soliloquizing from one place to another.

you have gone deaf.

flashing of lights appeared.

you also have gone blind.

a new rhythm is now emerging.

yet the old melody will never be forgotten.

as i hear your voice on the other line,

weeping is the only thing i recognized..

but i also have gone blind and deaf.

just like what you did.

so i am saying goodbye one more time.

i am now eating my words.

hoping that the old rhythm will once again play..

but still, you are blind and deaf.

so you said goodbye one more time.

but things have changed.

we are swaying through the beats of laments..

as the music play,

we dance our way to eternity...

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