May 21, 2009

a journey to happiness..where am i going to start?

i once fancied finding the perfect person for me. now that i already found this person, all i have to do now is to let go. it's crushing my heart from the inside. i have to conceal every pain and every tears that will fall down from my eyes. i should be numb. this is the only way to find the starting point of the journey to the real happiness.

i will wait. wait for the right time to come. i know that this is not the end. but rather a beginning. i just have to wait. i dont want to rush things. im still young, and i still have time to focus on other things.

whenever i hear the voice, i really cant help myself but to hide away the distress and the agony all locked up inside. i gotta be strong. strong enough to to say that everything's gonna be alright. while i myself dont know what to do next.

this feeling, i know that this feeling comes only once in a lifetime. but maybe it's not the right time for us to be together. i cannot make ends meet. i am so pathetic. stupidity to the last degree. the fight that i am going to attend to is not the usual fight that we encounter everyday. i have to battle it all out until my last breath fades away. this is my assurance that i am going to fight for this feeling til the very end. i am only asking for some time. and we will be together for the rest of our lives. we will live together only for ourselves and we will not be bothered just because of some stupid crackpot shits along the way.

but for the moment, i'll have to say goodbye. and a gazillion thanks for all that you have done to me. from sticking with me til til the very end. the laughters, the heartaches, the happiness and the love. i will not forget everything.

this will be the last goodbye.

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