April 10, 2009

let's leave this shit..

i wouldnt be crossing your path after this..
its not doing me any good..
and personally..i don't want to remember anything about you..
i'm so fucked up when were together..
and after all that you've done..maybe its about time to move on..step into the brighter side of the world and embrace it with open arms..
remember when i told you that i'm about to let go? i personally think that your going to stop me..but its the other way around..your not deserving..

as i write this..i'm on the process of squashing away the last pieces of your memories inside my heart and my head..the laughs..the cheesy lines..the promises..and the tears that fell down on my face every time we fight..

i cant believe that im actually writing this crap..after i promised that i will never ever let go..
you make wanna do it..
your pushing me away..
after all that i've done to make you go back..

i hate to say goodbyes..
i'm not going to see you again..
i'm not gonna receive anything whatsoever from you anymore..


you are one of the few people in my life who taught me something..something that will leave a deep cut in my mind..and my soul..


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