April 8, 2009

kuya Jazz..bakit minsan super emo ka?

wala lang..i sometimes feel that your about to crack open when i approach you..
emo ka ba talaga?
yung totoo..
yung alang ponching..
yung alang stir..

i sometimes find it hard to read your mind..obviously it's not a book but still..i wanted to know what you are thinking at the moment..
with a great mind like yours..i know that everything's possible..

before i left..i forgot to tell you that i'm very thankfull that i was a part of the philwomenian..
it taught me a lot of things..
nabago nya rin yung way of thinking ko and how i handle things..
pati nga style ng pagsusulat ko..nabago rin nya..minsan alam mo..kapag nagsusulat ako ng poem..nagiging news na..hahahaha! how about that!

ayun..nakakamss yung tambay kesa working hours (shempers beybeh!)


i the near future..our paths will once again cross..and when that time comes..i'll give you a copy of my book..ow yeh! its da super pangarap na naman! hahahaha!

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Jazz Siy said...

hehe..adik di ako emo. We just all have this side in us that inevitably demands release. Nothing Emo,haha. Goodluck, I know you can do a lot of things in the future.I won't call you Bob Ong Jr. anymore, your original, matatalo mo pa idol mo. heh