June 17, 2009

the last food strip..stripped down.

one more heartache and it's all over.
all i'm hearing right now is the ticking of the clock.
the consequences of these mistakes make me feel uneasy.
my mind is too tired to think.
how well can i know when the waiting is over?
when all else fails, can i finally go back to the way that i used to be?
this is getting trickier than i expected.
i'm about to take one step away
and another one.
and another one.
but when i recall the past,
i automatically turn back and chase away those times.
and that is what you call stupidity to the last degree.
the things i hate at the current moment,
are the exact things that made me whole.
and it wanted me to go back.
i cry.
and then i pretend.
so now i laugh.
concealing some of your true emotions will make you strong.
it will make you weak and vulnerable too.

come to think of it.

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