May 2, 2009

-untitled 1..

i dont know what to say..
i am so confused about myself..
i dont know what to think first..
when will i find the true meaning of inner peace?
i am so fucked up right now and i know that i am about to break down. this is the reason why i dont usually talk. i myself dont know what am i going to do. but one thing's for sure, i am sorting things out even if it's too difficult for me not to tell anybody.

i have this attitude that i feel i dont need anybody. i mean i wanted to run my life the way i wanted it to be. i dont need any company and i dont want anyone infiltrating my life.

but of course, its not possible. i have hundreds of good friends and family to help me out. i just dont feel like taking all their helps. haha!

i may be too harsh..but i am just saying what i really feel.

-and i just wanted to be left alone. not always though, just when i feel like it.

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