April 22, 2009

im lost, yet im about to be rediscovered..

after all the hardships and sacrifices, a new beginning has come.
i can never tell how shocked i am when i first found out.
the thing im am most scared of came to life..
im so devastated a few days ago..
im on the process of accepting my mistakes and it's consequences..
this is it..
this is the life i never dreamed of..
how i wish i can stop or even change the hands of time..
just to correct all those stupid deeds..
once again..
im sorry for all the damages that i made..
i may not be perfect..yet i tried to feel for some remorse..
and its cutting my soul into pieces..
i feel like im about to crack open when i see those sharp eyes..

this isnt the end..its a beginning of a new world..i'll welcome myself the way it should be..
this path i chose, its the path to discover Him..

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