February 3, 2009

talk about living your life..

i want to change the way i run my life..
i want to find myself..
the more obsessed i am in finding..
the less i see myself that i would be found..

these past few days, when i look back and recall..
it seems that i am not myself anymore.
but im happy with the things running in my life now.
its just that..
im still adjusting.
and i think im getting the hang of it.
its all in the mind.

there's this certain person i met.
with just one snap, that person changed my whole life.
then i jumped into this conclusion..
that maybe God intended this thing to happen.
He wanted me to meet this person to teach me..
so i let that person teach me..
i learned so many things from that person..
and i will treasure it for the rest of my life.
i never thought that i would be more happier in my life..

-im not lost. just undiscovered.

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