April 26, 2009

once in your life..think.

why do i have to refuse an offer like that?
im about to continue what i had started..

yes..yes..i want to prove myself..
let me stand on my own just this once..
if i cant handle myself..
i personally grab the opportunity you want to give..

it's just that..
my ego cant stand the reality that is about to unfold..

or maybe im just scared to start all over again..
so i will start a different way..

-and can i take this opportunity to page Writers Studio Philippines, Inc? i hope you dont mind..
i've been waiting for your call to start the transactions..(or even the contract signing.. :] hahaha)

i will call again as soon as i am finished editing and arranging my manuscript..i hope you will find it interesting..
i just want to influence and teach other people (in my age bracket of course)
so basically..that's my target market..

i want them to know how hard and at the same time, how easy it is to be a college student and the trials that they will encounter..the tempting weeds and the pleasure of having a "flat 1" on your report cards..

hoping to transact with you soon..

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