March 20, 2009

this is the last untitled piece..

i've waited long enough
i dont know whether to cry or laugh
a spear from above,
stinged in my heart for an everlasting love..
cant remember how i fell
this place's like hell

an apocalyptic agony rushes inside me
demons are happily penetrating the inner depths of my soul
idont know, i dont know how to control..

i wont be coming back
this heart, this mind, its about to crack
open it for me
the great feeling of anxiety
perplexities of truth and lies are formed
dont let the wrongs be absorbed.

the poetic wrath of loneliness
we cant pick it up by stolen chances
the silent misunderstandings of love and war
i can see it from afar.

grasp the light
stole the flight
this is the last untitled piece..

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