August 13, 2008

article 3

Transcend Information announces that all the JetFlash series of USB Flash Drives (both Hi-Speed and V Series) completely work with Windows Vista. In addition, many of our Hi-Speed USB 2.0 JetFlash models are enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost technology, these include the JetFlash 180, JetFlash 150 (512MB/1GB/2GB) and 16GB JetFlash 2A. Windows ReadyBoost is a feature of Windows Vista and by combining a compatible JetFlash series USB Flash Drive with the feature you will be able to boost your PCs responsiveness by using the Flash memory that is in the JetFlash, provided there is at least 512MB of free memory capacity available. After you are finished simply remove your JetFlash and the desktop, or notebook computer will automatically return to its original settings.

Transcend's series of JetFlash USB Flash Drives come in two forms, the Hi-Speed Series and the V Series. The Hi-Speed Series is designed using SLC NAND-type flash chips that provide higher data transfer speeds and increased performance, while the V Series uses original MLC NAND-type flash chips that provide users with a good value performance. Both the Hi-Speed and V Series of JetFlash USB Flash Drives are engineered using top quality components to ensure better performances and a longer lifespan. In addition to brilliant performance, all Transcend JetFlash USB Flash Drives come bundled with advanced new software that is specifically developed to help you manage your data and increase your productivity. Introducing the JetFlash™ elite software package, which includes a PC-Lock, Secret-Zip, E-Mail, AutoLogin, Favorites, DataBackup and My JetFlash functions. All JetFlash USB Flash Drives come with a Lifetime Warranty as a sign of the confidence that Transcend has in the quality of our JetFlash brand.

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